Re-elect Brenda Judson
Hicksville Board of Education Trustee

Six years ago, I approached many in the community seeking support for my candidacy for the Hicksville School Board.  After three decades of living and serving as an active member of the Hicksville community, I wanted to provide a unique perspective as our school district addressed unparalleled challenges and exciting opportunities. It was time for the Board to engage the students, parents, teachers and staff to develop partnerships to improve education within our district.  By engaging all stakeholder groups in the decision-making process, we would reap the benefits of our collective efforts.

Six years later, with your support, the Board has achieved this goal and more!  Despite unprecedented state and federal funding challenges, significant improvements for Hicksville’s students and their families have been accomplished, including:

  • Hiring Dr. Carl Bonuso, an experienced, highly-regarded transformational educational leader to serve as the Hicksville Superintendent.
  • Increasing participation by talented and dedicated Hicksville citizens through the establishment of diverse district committees to advise the Board and administration on important topics involving finance, policy, safety, wellness, educational supports for students in need,
  • Consistently supporting the arts, athletics, vocational and educational programs to ensure we are providing a well-rounded education for all students despite austere budgets.
  • Ensuring safer schools through physical security enhancements, district and school safety plans, on-going staff training in emergency preparedness, lock-down and fire drills and focused anti-bullying curriculum across the district.
  • Establishing a District Parent Center to provide parents and families with education, resource information and the support they need to raise resilient children who are safe and confident in school and beyond.

These accomplishments are satisfying and I want, along with the other 6 dedicated board members to be able to continue to bring Hicksville forward from a great to a superlative school district.  With your help, I anticipate returning to the Board to confront new challenges over the next 3 years.  

We need to accomplish more in a myriad of 21st century issues –  student physical, social and emotional wellness, safety and security, mental health awareness, bullying and teacher professional development and retention, to name just a few.

We need to uphold our commitment as a Board to hire a new Superintendent that embodies the clear vision of community stakeholders.  We also need to successfully attract, develop and retain the best teachers and staff as a critical investment in our human resources.  Finally, the Board needs to be good fiscal stewards for all residents of Hicksville who placed their trust in us through their approval a multi-million Bond.   

Respectfully, I am asking for your continued support by re-electing me as a Board of Education Trustee on May 15, 2018.  I promise to reward your support with a dedication to serving the Hicksville School District through accountable leadership, straight-talk, and collaborative Board action!

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