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A letter from Brenda Judson

Dear Hicksville,

It is hard to believe it has been 38 years since I moved into Hicksville in 1980. As a parent, my two daughters Jane and Shannon received a high-quality education through the Hicksville School District attending Fork Lane Elementary School, Hicksville Middle School and Hicksville High School. As an education advocate in our town, I have been proud to serve as a Board of Education Trustee for the past six years as well as a PTA member for over 16 years.

When looking back over my two decades of PTA involvement and Board of Education service what I remember the most are student centered enrichment activities the PTA proudly sponsored, budget discussions, plans on how to improve and move our district forward, redistricting, facility planning, changes in administration and a very engaged public. There is little disagreement on the value that a strong education system brings to a community or to the lives of our students.

Also looking back over that time, I see what our children accomplish in and out of school. The unbelievable talent they possess. The heart in their endeavors. Their commitment. The strength of character they show in the face of adversity. Within their accomplishments are all those who support them; their parents, their teachers, their coaches, their sources of inspiration. If re-elected, I will be as much their representative as I am to all of you. That is a role that I take very seriously and will have their best interests at the forefront of any consideration. 

Each of our Boards of Education has faced its own set of successes and challenges. The next Board will be no different, if not even more challenged, and as such will need strong voices and those willing to respectfully work together at the table with our administration and educators.  I stand prepared to analyze our options with a high degree of scrutiny for their short and long-term impact upon our students, district and community. I support maintaining a high-quality school system for all of our students with a focus on collaborative solutions which unite fiscal responsibility with educational fidelity and a commitment to delivering our mission.  I have the courage to make difficult decisions, defend the philosophy and goals of you as Hicksville schools’ community stakeholders and withstand criticism from people who hold opposing views.  I also have the skills and experience to execute the fiscally prudent management and operating budgets you as taxpayers’ demand.

Historically, in similar elections, less than 20% of Hicksville residents vote.  I hope that this year, at this critical time for our community, many more of us will participate in choosing who we will entrust decisions to going forward on the Board of Education.

No matter what comes our way, I know that the Hicksville community will rise to the challenge as we always do -- with focus, resiliency, a healthy dose of debate and an outpouring of care for our town and each other.


Brenda Judson

Posted on 02 Mar 2018, 11:16 - Category: From the Candidate

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